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(Photo: thesecretfootballer.com)
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Top 5 | Most Laughable Things Said About Watford

At Watford, fans are used to uninformed criticism and now rather than it getting on their nerves they laugh it off. I thought since this year, fans of the Hornets have had plenty to laugh about and so why not compile a list of the best 5 uninformed criticisms I have seen.

So here it is, my 5 favourite things that so called football commentators have said about the club.

5. Watford have sacked 4 managers in 12 months.

This is a common sentence that I have seen from even large news companies, suggesting that Watford sack their managers at will and depicting the Pozzos as some kind of mad owners.

The truth is Watford have not sacked 4 managers in 12 months, they have sacked just 1 manager in 12 months. The Pozzos did indeed sack Billy McKinlay, which caused a bit of a stir. However given that the Hornets went on to win promotion, the Pozzos have a case for justifying their actions.

The other 3 managers were not in fact sacked. Giuseppe Sannino unfortunately resigned 5 league games into the season following arguments in the dressing room last summer and at the start of the season. Oscar Garcia again resigned from his position after being admitted into hospital as a result of chest pains. Finally Slavisa Jokanovic came to the end of his contract in the summer and didn’t agree to a new contract due to a disagreement over wages, he is now manager of  Maccabi Tel Aviv.


4. Watford are doing what QPR did and are buying the league.

This suggestion really is laughable as I don’t see a close comparison between Watford’s transfer moves and QPR’s. The last two seasons QPR were in the Premier League they spent £37 million on 27 players and most recently spent £57.75 million on 13 players. Hardly the same as spending £20 million on 10 players.

Spending £20 million is hardly buying the league, especially given the amount club’s get given for being promoted to the Premier. Bournemouth for example have already spent £17 million, yet no body seems to notice that fact.


3. Watford were promoted due to loanees and they are going to struggle when they go back.

Three years ago the argument that Watford would struggle once their loans went back was a common one. Yes it wasn’t true as the club always had the intention to sign their loanees but at least the statement that Watford had a lot of loan players was true.

However this summer a certain someone who works for many famous news companies gave Watford fans his opinion on how the club would do in the Premier League. Unsurprisingly he shared his opinion with many other commentators saying that the Hornets would be relegated this season but apparently because the club were promoted due to loanees. He also said that when these loanees go back Watford would struggle.

Well in my opinion he must have been thinking of Watford’s squad two years before because the season that the club did earn promotion was not dominated by loanees. Striker Matej Vydra hasn’t gone back and instead has committed to a five-year deal at Vicarage Road. Although personally I would have liked to have seen Adlene Guedioura and Daniel Tozser in a Watford shirt again.


2. Watford’s foreign players don’t care about the club, there is no passion.

Lack of passion?
Lack of passion?

I don’t know whether people think foreign players don’t care about their clubs? If so then most of the players in the Premier League at the moment are foreign and in my opinion most do care about their club. If anything, it’s English players at the moment who aren’t showing loyalty to their clubs, often forcing a move to a bigger club for a bigger pay cheque.

I honestly don’t see where the argument that Watford’s foreign players don’t care about the club comes from. Most Premier clubs don’t have many players who come from the area, yet I see plenty of passion in the Premier League regardless of where the player originates.


1. Watford have been promoted a year to early after losing to Leicester in the play offs the season before and have panicked and signed too many players.

This comes from an interview that was picked up on by a few Watford fans recently. Despite Watford losing to Crystal Palace in the play off final 3 seasons ago and Leicester going up as champions the next year this person seems to think otherwise. It went on to criticise Watford’s 10 signings and sacking of the manager saying that the club has panicked.

I don’t see why one would comment on a club that they clearly know nothing about but he isn’t the first to do so this summer.

I have covered the sacking of the manager point but I haven’t covered in this article the criticisms of Watford’s 10 signings. It is certainly not panic buying, the Pozzos have an extensive scouting network that his worked wonders for them in the past. In addition signing players after arrival into the Premier League isn’t a new idea and has worked well in the past. Look at Crystal Palace who signed 14 players in just the summer of their arrival to the Premier League and signed 4 more in January making it a total of 18. Look at Stoke City who signed 12 players during their first season back in the top flight. Both these clubs now have cemented their position in the league.


Your Thoughts?

Well those are my top 5 most laughable things said about Watford FC this summer. Any that you think I have missed out, or would you have given the top spot to a different statement? It would be great to hear from you.

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Writer Info about Chris Hurst

Chris Hurst is a student from Surrey. Although only 18, he already has a lot of experience writing for online publications. He is a life-long Watford FC fan and has been a season-ticket holder for 13 years.

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