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Swansea City Away Tickets
Swansea City Away Tickets

Swansea City Away Tickets | Swans Set to Travel in Numbers

Swansea City away tickets to be subsidised by the club.

The Swans are expected to travel en masse in the coming season thanks to a bold move by the club. The plan is to ensure that fans have reasonable and affordable away days and that the club use their full allocation of away seats during the season.

To leave ‘The Land of My Fathers’ for all away games would mean travelling approximately 4,000 miles over a Premier League season.

The club has asked fans to sign up to ‘Jack Army Membership Scheme’ to avail to the offer. The subsidy will ensure that the maximum cost of an adult ticket will be £22, concessions at £15 and £10 for children. This is a huge saving for fans who are used to paying £50 and more for some of the away tickets.

Club Vice Chairman Leigh Dineen told Swansea’s official website.

Swansea City Away Tickets
Leigh Dineen

“We worked hard on reducing away ticket prices for our supporters last season through reciprocal deals with other clubs. Unfortunately, we were unable to finalise deals with all the clubs for different reasons….
Therefore, while we introduced other away fan benefits, we felt it would be more beneficial to our supporters if we took the step of guaranteeing them cheaper tickets for all our away games, whether there was a reciprocal deal in place or not.”

The subsidy is being welcomed by Swansea fans, as well as being praised by supporters groups of other clubs. Swansea fans are the first Premier League fans to have the opportunity to avail of such a deal, let’s hope they are not alone in days to come.

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