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The Biggest Preview Ever | Mayweather V Pacquiao

The fight dubbed ‘The Biggest Fight Ever’ closes ever nearer, whilst the anticipation levels climb higher and higher. Floyd Mayweather Jr undefeated at 47-0 finally fights Manny Pacquiao of 64-5. The fight the world of boxing has so eagerly waited for. The wish has been granted, and, unsurprisingly the promoters involved have triumphed in making this fight easily the biggest of the decade. Whether it is the biggest fight ever, remains a mystery. One, which can only be uncovered when the fighters enter the ring and the first round starts.

But now that the question has turned from, when is this fight going to happen? It’s now what’s actually going to happen when these two fighters step in the ring?

On boxing talent alone, it’s hard to see past a Mayweather win. He knows exactly what he has to do to maintain that pristine record and, he does it better than anyone in the sport right now. His talent is unrivalled in the sport at this moment, his ability to dodge punches, whilst landing clinical counter punches in the same motion is exquisite to watch…as long as you’re not the man who just threw those unsuccessful punches! Mayweather will in all honesty, be looking at this fight as his last ‘real’ challenge in boxing, before he will look to break records and go out of the sport with 50-0 etched next to his name in the history books. However…in my opinion, this could well be the thing which distracts Mayweather from the fight itself.

Mayweather V Pacquiao

Yep, you read the correctly. The fact that Mayweather hasn’t been beaten, could ironically, end up being the thing which leads him to suffer his first defeat at the hands of the Filipino. It has been evident in the build up that Mayweather seems a lot less proactive in his attempts to play mind games, there has also been next to no trash talking between the two fighters. Mayweather always at least dips his toe into trying to drag his opponents mind away from the fight about to happen. But, it has been a notable piece of the Mayweather armour missing in the build up to the fight. It has been touched on by Manny Pacquiao’s coach Freddie Roach, that the fact that Mayweather seems to be off his game and not mentally right for the fight.


Pacquiao, on the other hand knows what it is like to lose. He doesn’t fear it. He doesn’t have a record to uphold. What it boils down to is that he has nothing to lose in this fight. Say he loses the fight in what is overall considered an entertaining fight, he’ll be disappointed, but, there will most likely be a September rematch in the pipeline for him (or, being cynical, should that read for Mayweather?) Without anything metaphorically holding Pacquiao back, we’ve seen him in such a relaxed state of mind, from eating peanut butter cups straight after the weigh-in to supposedly thanking Mayweather during the stare-off. It all strikes as a man who knows this is his last chance to be considered one of the best pound for pound fighters there has been. Fighting southpaw is something Mayweather has historically ‘struggled’ with in past bouts, couple this with how in your face Pacquiao likes to be in fights, it’s not entirely surprising that some people are tipping Pacquiao to get a momentous win.

When questioned on all the compromises he has made for the fight, Pacquiao nonchalantly replies in a humourous tone, stating that it’s tradition to give a man who is on death row everything he wants before he dies. Obviously, there is a huge confidence within the Pacquiao camp, and, you can’t really blame him.

Mayweather V Pacquiao


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For what it’s worth my tip would be Manny Pacquiao at 13/8, I myself, will be lumping on him. The only thing left to say is, ladies and gentleman…Lets get ready to rumble!

The Biggest Preview Ever | Mayweather V Pacquiao


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