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  • Keith Eyell

    Keith Eyell is the founder and Editor-In-Chief of StalkSport. He has been described as a Father, Son, Brother, Fighter, Survivor and Eccentric. He has an avid interest in Sports, Comedy, Music and the arts, interests that he often writes about. He has also had political commentary and satirical articles published. Keith is knowledgeable on Football, Rugby, Boxing and MMA, and is a fan of Everton FC and Leinster Rugby.
  • Stuart Plant

    Stuart is Executive Editor (Football) for StalkSport. A Keen writer, watcher and player of many sports. Stuart writes for numerous other web publications, specialising in Sport and Music. His most notable work to date is on the West Ham site IronViews, as @IronViewsStu. He is an avid West Ham United fan.
  • Wesley Branton

    Wesley Branton is a Canadian writer and the Executive Editor of Stalk Sport. His most notable work is motorsport articles, Formula 1 in particular. His portfolio of writing includes articles with Motorsport.com and he is the owner of RacingClothesline.com.
  • Chris Hurst

    Chris Hurst is a student from Surrey. Although only 18, he already has a lot of experience writing for online publications. He is a life-long Watford FC fan and has been a season-ticket holder for 13 years.
  • Dantan Balaram

    Sports buff and a die hard Arsenal supporter. Outdoor person, I reckon I was born either in the woods or on a football pitch
  • Dylan Jones

    Dylan is a 20 year old Psychology student from Perth, Western Australia. He has a keen interest in motorsport, particulary that of Formula One. After many years of helping reconstruct the Formula One Wiki with his motorsport knowledge, Dylan has joined Stalk Sport in his first journalism based work as apart of the motorsport team.
  • Hunter Clagett

    Hunter Clagett is an amateur MMA fighter and coach at Bellingham Mixed Martial Arts in Washington State, USA. Hunter has been following MMA since 2003 and watches just about every event he possibly can, from UFC to Invicta !
  • JayC

    Jay is the founder and editor of Palace fan site The Eagles Beak. He is also a regular guest on the EPL Roundtable podcast. Jay has been a Palace fan since the late eighties and is a current season ticket holder. A fan of too many other sports as well as a passion for music. Former athlete, footballer and attempted bobsledder.
  • Rob Finkelman

    Rob describes himself as a ''rabid Formula 1 fan''. He resides in Malibu, California. He is an experienced writer who has had his work published on many websites and publications. Rob is also the owner and main administrator of 'Formula 1 Unlimited' on Facebook. Join the group by clicking the website icon below.
  • Stephen Terenzio

    A student at The Catholic University of America, Washington DC, Stephen is a life long Manchester United fan, USA supporter and a lover of all things football. He also has a keen interest in Baseball, a sport he plays competitively.
  • Steven Walton

    Steven Walton is an aspiring Formula 1 journalist. He lives and breathes Formula 1 at the bottom of the world in New Zealand. All though all of the time zones are wrong, he puts effort in to giving you the most detailed and accurate articles available. He is the proud owner of the Green Flag Racing blog.
  • Neil Kiernan

    Neil Kiernan is a long time fan of the Martial Arts, Boxing and MMA. He is the host of “Combat Sports Podcast”. Neil brings a host of media experience with him to StalkSport. In addition to his sports analysis, he is well known in the USA for his political writing and radio shows. You can listen to his sports show by clicking the website icon below.

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