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The Boxing Purists Vs Social Media

There is absolutely nothing wrong with being a casual fan of any sporting event, especially one which had been widely touted as ‘The Biggest Fight Ever’. However, there was a distinct split post-Mayweather V Pacquiao, those who are keen fans of the sport and those who were casual fans for the fight.


Floyd Mayweather Jr. v Manny Pacquiao

A lot of people were left feeling disappointed from the fight and I’d imagine those in the USA who were casual fans even more so due to the PPV price. However, it was a global situation – those who were calling the fight in Pacquiao’s favour as Mayweather had been “running” and “dancing” around the ring all night.

To the untrained eye, it could well look like that. However, the sheer technique to be able to do what Mayweather did, is what makes him a great fighter, such a great fighter that he is easily the best boxer of this generation. The overwhelming feeling you get post-bout is that people were genuinely expecting both men to be bloodied and bruised come the end of the fight, if, it even went the distance at all.

That was just one of the less likely of the outcomes for the fight though, as that would have only happened had Pacquiao, well, actually been Pacquiao. Again, like in any sporting event, you can bring up whatever you like in the aftermath; much like Pacquiao has done complaining of a shoulder injury which he claims made his right arm void. However, the more likely outcome was that Mayweather would use his old wily tricks to get one over the tricky-Filipino. The truth is though, neither fight was actually fighting much like their stereotypical selves. Especially, Mayweather.


Mayweather would normally never be the more offensive boxer, choosing to rely on his counter-punching. For all of the fight barring the two rounds (three at a big push) I gave to Pacquiao, Mayweather was always scoring punches, and was for the majority of the fight on the front foot. If he wanted to, Mayweather could have been even more offensive, something which Mayweather Snr. obviously thought was the best route, but when you’re looking to hold on to your ‘0’ Jr. probably made the right personal choice.


If you want a person to blame for the fight not being explosive, the man to look at is Pacquiao, not to make him a scapegoat, but for whatever reason he chooses to use, he gave nothing near his best in the ring. You only have to look at the fight stats to truly see the truth, if anyone can truly back Pacquiao, and, claim that Mayweather was “dancing/running/hugging” all fight, I’d be truly shocked.

The stats don’t lie. More thrown, more landed.



If it were you in the ring and you’re faced with two options; entertain the world and attempt a KO against a dangerous explosive-puncher, or, sit back on a fight you know in your heart and head you’ve definitely bossed and give a defensive masterclass. Which do you pick? What did you honestly expect Mayweather to do?

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