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Fury vs Klitschko
Fury vs Klitschko Build-up

Fury vs Klitschko – The Best Moments of the Build-up

Fury vs Klitschko has had quite the build-up

Tyson Fury is edging ever closer by the hour until his shot at the long-reigning Heavyweight Champion, Wladimir Klitschko. The self-proclaimed ‘Gypsy King‘ has always been known for his outspoken nature; which has often led to him splitting opinion on him. You either love him, or you hate him.

The build up to his biggest fight in his career, and, arguably one of the biggest – if not at least the most interesting and alluring – fight in the Heavyweight division for some time. That, is no mean feat, as the once golden division has been on the wane in terms of popularity for a long time now. Fury, with the slight helping hand from his opponent, has managed to really get everyone talking about this fight.

Here, is a run down of some of the best picks moments in the build up to this huge fight…

“This Klit is getting licked, boom”

A true wordsmith here. After a rant devaluing the Ukrainians knack with languages and the length of time spent at the top of the Heavyweight division, Fury signed off with this beautiful turn of phrase. Those on the table, and the crowd produced a sort of shocked chuckle at something daring a schoolkid would say out loud.

Again, it depends on whether you like the man or not – but this was probably the ‘best’ line from all of the build up to the fight.

You could put me in Africa in the middle of the jungle I’d come out wearing a chinchilla hat and a millionaire. You put him in the middle of the jungle, he’ probably get killed by a lion. He ain’t an adapter.”

Being interviewed in Düsseldorf Arena, the venue for the bout, Fury talked of his knack for adapting. Likening himself to those “camouflaged chameleons” and the “best Transformer, Optimus Prime”, at the point of referencing Transformers, there was an ear to ear grin beaming across his face.

For those that dislike Fury, even this instance must have made them laugh, whether at him or with him. But, the man doesn’t mind which side you sit on. He just wants to make the division entertaining again. Something, you cannot deny he has been doing.

On the topic of entertaining. There was THAT press conference.

Turn up for a press-conference donning a batman suit? Take down someone also dressed up in Gotham-attire, as the Joker? Sure. Why not. After tackling the Joker and escorting him off the property Fury returned in a three-piece suit and went about his business thereafter.

This is a young man against an old man. History does not lie and history says all the old champions move over for the young ones – and I’m the new one.

One turn of phrase which has been used throughout, that of age. It’s no secret that Wladimir Klitschko is getting on now, however, at 39 – he looks in fantastic shape. Again, something which has been touched on by Fury throughout. The fact that they are polar opposites; physique, personality, intelligence, etc.

Whilst age could well play a factor in the bout, it will only come into play if Fury is hassling Klitschko as much as he intends to which could see the Champion buckle. Otherwise, Klitschko will simply go through the motions and do what he has been doing for over 9 years.

“And I’ll be the one with all the belts…”

Perhaps Fury could go into the music industry if all doesn’t go too well in the ring? He has already treated us to in-the-ring songs before, but in this weeks open-workout Fury treated the crowd and Klitschko to a rendition of Wind Beneath My Wings with his own spin on the words…of course.

Again, it’s these moments which endear you to Fury. Before bursting into song, he had nothing but kind words for his opponent and his corner, and you’d imagine there won’t be much more in the way of outrageous behaviour or words from Fury as Fight Night gets closer.

He can’t beat me now. Now I know what he is — a devil-worshipper — I know he has no chance of beating me. God will not let him defeat me, not at all. I am almost a thousand per cent certain that he cannot beat me.”

Unfortunately, there was always going to be at least one time where Fury gave all his critics and doubters the opportunity to say “I told you so.” and this was it. After stating what the passages of the Bible believe will signal the end of the world, calling Klitschko a “devil-worshipper” and offering an apology to those offended by his faith – Fury then went on to state the above.

…Definitely, the most surreal moment of the build-up to this bout.

“I feel like it’s all coming to an end for him now. It’s going to come crashing down on him like a wall with a bulldozer going right through it. And everyone is going to be here to watch it in the country that’s adopted him. He can’t take the punches. If I can get to him early or late, it’s over.”

In a rather refreshingly open and honest interview with The Telegraph Fury capped it off with some more self-confidence. If there’s one thing Fury seems confident of, it’s that the bout will definitvely not go the distance. Considering the bout is in Germany and the record of, er, dubious point scoring – Fury obviously doesn’t want to leave his one shot to three judges.

This, though, could backfire marvellously if he leaves himself too open.

Klitschko vs Fury; Face Off

The build up to the fight has been interposed by the odd flurry of words from Klitschko, who has kept his calm and composure in the face of the over zealous Fury.

Is this it? He didn’t throw the table? He didn’t throw a microphone somewhere? His shoe?

Hinting at his previous fight build-ups with Fury’s fellow Brits, Klitschko took the sarcastic approach. Having been told Fury’s underpants have more charisma than he does, the Ukrainian snapped back with this brilliant line.

Whether he quite intended it to come across in this vein is questionable though, considering he prefers to stay very much as the onlooker in the build-up observing his opponents rather than indulging in trash talk.

“Chaos means emotions and emotions are a downside in boxing. Tyson Fury is digging himself deeper and deeper. That’s good for me.”

The psychiatrist within Klitschko must be having a field day with Fury; or, a nightmare figuring him out. Whilst Fury believes that his emotions in light of the fight will only spur him on to win, Klitschko maintains that the emotions of the occasion could get in Fury’s way if he lets them grow too much.

“There have been many fighters I’ve faced, this time I face a guy whose young, a real challenge

When they have both been on the same page; calm, relaxed, and Fury hasn’t been trying to create more beautiful mayhem – the two have been rather complimentary of each other to a degree. Even after all of the verbals Klitschko has endured over the last months, he still is able to say that Fury is his biggest challenge for some time.

Is this Klitschko playing his own mind games with Fury now, or, is it just a compliment?

– “Tyson said one thing, ‘It’s nothing personal, it’s business’. That’s exactly what it is. It’s going to be a great, great match.”

One thing both men have agreed on is that this fight will be great. For themselves. For the victor. and, hopefully for the Heavyweight division. Talking to Sky Sports Klitschko stated his agreement that the fight will indeed be a great one.

Here’s hoping it is…

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