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The Man To InFURYate Klitschko?

Wladmir Klitschko again triumphantly defended his WBA, IBF, WBO, IBO & The Ring Heavyweight titles against Bryant Jennings in Madison Square Garden. After successfully defending his Heavyweight title just shy of 20 times now, post-bout Klitschko was quick to turn attention to the subject of who his mandatory challenger is, none other than the extremely unpredictable Tyson Fury.

Fury’s previous fight against Romanian Christian Hammer was unspectacular, though Fury did beat the man in front of him, which is all you can ask for. It was unspectacular because you could feel Fury was reluctant to smother Hammer, and forcibly try to get the KO. This, is a far cry from the Fury we used to see, where he would be as cocky in the ring, as he is outside of it. Now though, Fury seems to have matured somewhat in that respect, it was evident against Hammer as he looked to just chip away at his opponent, rather than looking to just get everything done with one punch. Saying that though, post-bout we were treated (I use that word mildly!) to a rendition of Walking In Memphis.

Fury was calling for the fight with Klitschko as soon as he’d been awarded the win at the 02 in England, and you can’t blame him. Whilst Klitschko is a remarkable Heavyweight, having defended his title just short of twenty times, he is on the decline. It’s not really noticeable, but the fact that Klitschko ended up being deducted points for holding too long – just goes to show that his age could be catching up with him. That is by no means disrespectful to Jennings, who Klitschko was quick to state was one of the toughest bouts he’s had, before talk soon turned to he and Fury,

“I look forward to this fight, I think it will be challenging and exciting because I like to fight big men. It is much easier to fight bigger men than smaller…He is definitely the guy who is ambitious and I think it is going to be exciting.” Wladmir Klitschko, post-Jennings fight.

So, could we expect the big Mancunian to topple the Ukrainian? Whilst you would be hard-fought to find many people who believe that Fury would definitely be able to, he does possess qualities which could well make it very tough for Klitschko on the night. The last British fighter to try and topple the infamous head of the Heavyweight division was David Haye, which didn’t go too well in nor out of the ring. Fury though, could be better suited to release the Ukranian’s stranglehold at the top of the Heavyweight division.


For starters, Fury is 3 inches taller than his opponent. This on its own wouldn’t equate to much, but also factor in Fury’s reach which trumps Klitshcko’s by a further 4 inches and you can start to see how it could add up to be a tough night for the Champion. As he showed against Jennings, he was relying heavily on getting in close to Jennings with the jab, frustrating him with holding on, and really just trying to nullify the offensive attributes of his opponent. Okay, this could well be done to Fury as well, but, if Fury can dictate the fight and keep Klitschko at arms length with his own jab, it could open up for the Brit. One thing which I was impressed with from Fury was in his last fight or two he has evidently been working behind the scenes on fighting out of a southpaw stance. It could well be another of many pieces of showmanship from Fury, however, if it is seriously something which he has been working on in the gym to add to his armoury, it could make his chances of getting a win over Klitschko more possible. If he has been sparring, and training, as a southpaw in hope to utilise it for the Klitschko fight, it could help him shift the fight in his favour. Especially if Klitschko is dominating with his jab, and nullifying Fury the same way he sought to, and successfully, nullified Jennings in his previous bout.

“I believe southpaw is the key because there’s not many heavyweights in the world who get southpaw sparring or anything like that…The key to beating Klitschko is from a southpaw stance.” – Tyson Fury, talking to Manchester Evening News

The reasons behind why Fury could well get a massive win against Wladmir Klitschko are small sums on their own, but add them together, possibly with a home advantage, and, Fury could well at least prove a very tough test for the veteran Heavyweight champion.

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