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Rousey Vs Holm - Revolution
Rousey Vs Holm - Revolution

A Changing Tide – Hyping Rousey Vs Holm

Rousey Vs Holm – Revolution Video

Promotion of MMA fights are almost always aggressive displays of confrontation and anger, machismo pumped to the max. In the case of
Ronda Rousey’s upcoming title defense bout against Holly Holm, the promotion has been decidedly different.

The UFC’s most recent promotional video entitled “Revolution” seems to exemplify their new approach:

A younger Rousey is depicted, at 11 years old first encountering Judo under her mother’s tutelage. Holm, meanwhile is shown training in boxing, where she eventually would hold multiple titles and held a 33-2-3 record as a professional before making a full-time transition to MMA.


As they pursue their chosen disciplines, they face the kind of discrimination and judgement that women who participate in combat sports often experience. Forging through that pressure, both women found great success.

Now, they are poised to face each other in the highest stage of MMA competition. I have to say that I found the video inspiring. Finally, a promotion is highlighting the struggle, hardship and pain that goes into pursuing fighting as a career.

Contrast this to the promotion that went into Rousey’s last fight against Bethe Correia and the difference is stark. Previously, the fight was all about animosity between two fighter’s.

This time, their fight is almost a celebratory experience; each of them is able to express themselves and their life’s passion on the biggest stage, for the most sought-after prize in modern WMMA.

I hope the UFC takes this new direction as a template to elevate what has so often been portrayed as simple aggression and violence to what it can be: the transformation of humankind’s desire for competition and confrontation into something uplifting and liberating.

Ronda Rousey vs Holly Holm at UFC 193 November 14th, in Melbourne, Australia
Ronda Rousey vs Holly Holm at UFC 193 November 14th, in Melbourne, Australia
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Writer Info about Hunter Clagett

Hunter Clagett is an amateur MMA fighter and coach at Bellingham Mixed Martial Arts in Washington State, USA. Hunter has been following MMA since 2003 and watches just about every event he possibly can, from UFC to Invicta !

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