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Quique Sanchez Flores
Quique Sanchez Flores

Flores’ Formation Possibilities

Flores’ Formation Possibilities | Watford FC

New Watford manager Quique Sanchez Flores has been given quite a task in his new role as the Hornet’s boss. He has been given a squad, with many new signings, which he needs to mould into his team, and Flores has never worked in the Premier League before.

However, despite Watford famously having five managers in the last year and a half, one thing has remained more or less constant – their formation. The Hornet’s for the last three years have operated with a 3-5-2 formation, with former boss Jokanovic making the squad a bit more adaptable by including a 4-3-1-2 formation.

Nevertheless, Flores looks to change this by instead using a 4-2-3-1 formation, which is commonly used in the Premier League. This has come under much debate on twitter and other social media sites and so I figured it would be a good topic to discuss.

The positives of the 4-2-3-1 formation is that it allows the team to defend more capably in my opinion. With two defensive holding midfielders helping out the back four and only one up front rather than the usual two up front, it is certainly a more defensive formation in my eyes. This may be considered the correct formation to use by some Watford fans given that in the Premier League the team will have to be more defensive than they were in the Championship.

On the other hand, thinking more negatively, the formation isn’t without its flaws. The Hornet’s were constantly said to have the best strike force last year in the Championship. With Vydra, Ighlo and Deeney all getting 15 goals or more last year and with Deeney specifically netting 20 times or more for the last three seasons in a row. It seems a bit of a shame to move away from having two strikers, given Watford’s recent success up front.

Questions have been asked whether Deeney suits the lone striker role and Vydra has seemingly been moved out of the striker position into one of the three attacking midfielders, which doesn’t seem to suit him. Although it is early days and so it might be a bit too soon to judge players in the new formation before they have had a few games to get used to their position.

This leads us on to an alternative, which I have chosen as the 4-3-3 . A lot of different suggestions have been made by Watford fans and so I have selected one that has come up a fair few times.

Starting with the 4-3-3, I believe this will aid the problems associated with the lack of support for the lone striker. Watford have used this formation in the past and it has worked well. With Vydra or Forestieri playing as a right-wing forward and a winger playing on the left, such as possibly Ikechi Anya or expected signing Steven Berghuis there is certainly the quality to make this formation work.

In addition Watford are used to using three centre midfielders and this policy has worked quite well in recent years. With Almen Abdi being the playmaker and Watson, Capoue or Behrami helping out the defence.

Yet again criticisms have arisen when this formation has been suggested to fans. The 4-3-3 is known as quite an attacking formation and thus why would a side who many believe will be fighting off relegation try to go on the attack? The 4-3-3 can be attacking when used by a side such as Manchester United but I believe the Hornet’s would play quite a defensive back four with two defensive centre midfielders. However the main problem lies with having three forwards, which could be a detriment given that in the Premier many full backs help out the wingers on the attack and in turn the wingers are expected to come and defend alongside the right or left back.

It is clear that both formations are not without their faults and so it makes for an interesting topic of debate among Watford fans.

The beautiful game is all about opinions and so it would be great to hear from you Watford fans regarding this discussion. Is the 4-2-3-1 the way to go? Is the other formation I’ve mentioned a better alternative? Or do your opinions differ completely from the formations I have mentioned above?

Flores’ Formation Possibilities | Watford FC
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Chris Hurst is a student from Surrey. Although only 18, he already has a lot of experience writing for online publications. He is a life-long Watford FC fan and has been a season-ticket holder for 13 years.

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