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Ferrari Movie
Enzo Ferrari Movie in development

Ferrari Movie | De Niro in Driver Seat

bozzacchiThere have been many motorsport films released in the recent years. Movies like Speed Racer, Senna, Days of Thunder, Talladega Nights and Rush have been successful at the box office. It has been announced that yet another classic motorsport story will make its way to the big screens in 2016. The movie will focus on the man who pioneered the iconic “Prancing Horse” that shaped the auto industry and the motorsport world, and continues to do so today: Enzo Ferrari. Wesley Branton of Racing Clothesline and StalkSport contacted the film’s producer, Gianni Bozzacchi of Triworld Cinema, to get the latest details about the film.

Bozzacchi told us of the inspiration behind wanting to make the film:

“Ferrari was my great passion ever since I was young. I met Enzo Ferrari in 1967, when I bought my first Ferrari 330 GTS, in my opinion the symbol of success. I met ‘Il Vecchio’ as I used to call Enzo Ferrari. Enzo Ferrari came towards me asking “30 June 1943?” I answer “Yes, this is my date of birth” without understanding this question. When I read his book Ferrari 80, I understood why. The 30th of June 1956, his son died. Perhaps he knew of my birth date, because at that time I was already a famous photographer.”

deniroMr Bozzacchi let us know that the film crew is currently in the process of research and development of the storyline for the movie. Although the film will not be completed and released until the end of 2016, they’ve already cast a great actor for the main role as Ferrari: Robert De Niro. The legendary American actor has starred in over 100 films since 1965. He has also won two Oscars and is known as one of the most successful American actors of all time.

“Robert De Niro can do everything and is having lots of success,” Bozzacchi explained. “He is a complete and amazing actor and moreover he is the right age.”

No other actors have been cast in the film yet as it is too early in development to determine the roles.

“There will be a conversation between De Niro, the director and I. The rest of the cast will be decided based on the script. I’m not a financial producer. I’m an artistic producer, so my involvement will be creative.”

Bozzacchi is excited about the film,

“The film will focus on the ‘Prancing Horse’; the story of a man who became a legend through a motor and a car which still represents power, success and style. I promote the film; I believe this story should be told.”As Seen On Racing Clothesline

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